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by Elena
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                             Ecofriendly, Inspirational Art
                                                by Elena


What started out as pictures of my food creations has grown into this beast of a book - and another one following in the future! Those around me wanted to know the recipes I was using to create my meals, and there wasn't any because I was making them up. I started writing them out for my friends and followers to find that I received amazing feedback! So many recipes over the course of a year needed to be organized in a way that people could find what they were looking for easily. Hence, "Vegan Busy Bee" was born!

There are over 100 health conscious recipes -all of them being organic, vegan, and vegetarian; most of them being soy-free and gluten-free. There is an entire section on raw food recipes and many other throughout the book. You certainly do not have to have a diet that follows any restrictions at all to enjoy the health and energy that these recipes will bring you!

Included are some short add-ons such as the art of saving seeds and how to sprout beans!

I sincerely hope you enjoy these tasty creations and are inspired by them. :)

- Elena Huerta

You can purchase the instant download for only $7 HERE in my online Etsy Store. :)

For more recent recipes, please follow the "Vegan Busy Bee" Blog!