Ecofriendly and
Inspiring Artwork
by Elena
Custom Wire Wraps,
Stones, and Healing
Crystals  Your trusted source for 
custom hand made jewelry and custom wire wraps

                             Ecofriendly, Inspirational Art
                                                by Elena

Paintings and Artwork

I am an avid painter who loves experimenting with mediums and subjects. I painting commissioned pieces for those who appreciate my work. I have at least 15 years of experience experimenting with mediums and different kinds of subjects as well as photography experience giving me a strong attention to details such as shading, placement, and texture. I use a combinations of mediums when necessary to gain the desired effect of a piece and am inspired by natural or recycled materials. I love custom work, creating something specifically suited to you and your requested style.

Please contact me if you feel inclined to express your interest! See my gallery for more examples.

Please see my Online Store or Locations to find more of my work!

I am available by appointment to see the pieces that are completed or discuss custom artwork options!